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Alive Painting​​ Video


ALIVE PAINTING – is a live painting of dynamic changing scenery by the painting and sounds. During the performance,  people and the painter concentrate on the characteristics of water and the effect of color. And they feel the philosophical meanings of colors, shapes, and movement. These works exist for the briefest of moments before changing into something new, constant evolution from one form to another and constantly shifting, always changing, always beautiful.

The Morphology of Freely Rising Deformable Bubbles Live showcase by Akiko Nakayama & Eiichi Sawado21. March.2022 Venue: Panasonic Center Tokyo Ariake Studio

Alive Painting at MUTEK JP SHIBUYA STREAM Hall

11 Dec 2019

Alive Painting at ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER Deep Space 8K 2019


 LAB30 Festival 



S/PARK Fes / Shiseido Global Innovation Center


【Digest】Alive Painting 2hours Solo 'GIFUKEI' exhibition at Tokyo University of the Arts 2022

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